SEO benefits of responsive website design

SEO benefits of responsive website design

2 February, 2017 by Ben in News, Search engine optimisation

At Encenta we’re very conscious about accessibility, especially when it comes to mobile and tablet devices. We’ve built many responsive layout websites for various platforms, including; eCommerce solutions, content management systems and even browser based applications.

What is a responsive layout website?

Websites with a responsive layout will adjust their appearance and layout to suit the screen size you’re viewing them on. This significantly enhances accessibility and usability on smaller screen devices such a mobile phones. Here’s a few examples of what can be achieved with a responsive layout;

  • Pixel perfect layout on any device
  • Content control between desktop, tablet and mobile browsers
  • Enhanced usability on smaller screened devices
  • Single website and URL for all devices

How responsive layouts aid SEO

Google loves responsive web design (RWD) and not only recommends it as the best way to target mobile users, but also favours mobile optimised websites when presenting results on mobile and tablet devices. You’ll notice when viewing Google search results on your mobile that websites with a responsive layout are marked as “Mobile friendly“. These websites are favoured when browsing on a mobile device, especially when searching for local services.

So why does Google encourage responsive web design?

Before 2012 and the release of RWD, mobile websites were developed separately to their primary desktop version, which meant they required a separate URL and HTML. One of the key benefits of responsive web design is that you only need one URL and HTML template. This makes life more simple for Google as they only have to crawl and index one website.

Google also prefers websites using responsive design because of the enhanced usability they offer. With their main goal being to make information easily accessible to the world, they like this a lot!

It’s time to be responsive

With the use of mobile and tablet devices increasing daily, it’s time to ensure your business or organisation are being discovered by a mobile audience. Encenta specialise in building responsive layout websites from the ground up, as well as bringing existing sites up-to-date. Contact us on 01342 420 035 or email to discuss your requirements.