Helping local businesses reach a national audience

Helping local businesses reach a national audience

Encenta are always working closely with local businesses to help get their product/service discovered online. Our team of web experts make use of every online marketing avenue, whilst working to strict guidelines to ensure your businesses achieves organic sustainable results in search engines.

Through white-hat SEO (search engine optimisation) methods, we’ve helped local businesses based in Sussex and Surrey achieve prime first page positions for London targeted search results – without the need for costly AdWord or Pay Per Click campaigns.

Optimising your websites performance

Before diving into SEO and Social Media, it’s important to check your websites performance and how the search engines will look at it. Google crawls millions of websites and pages everyday in order to keep its search results as fresh and relevant as possible. This is a lot of work, even for a giant corporation like Google. In order to do this it needs to be able to crawl each website it visits quickly and efficiently.

Encenta can optimise your websites performance for search engines by minimising page-load times, structuring the layout of your content effectively and making use of correct HTML tags in your websites code. It’s likely that people visiting your website won’t notice these changes, but it’s what’s going on behind the curtain that search engines also want to see.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If your website is fully optimised, it’s time to roll our sleeves up and work on the bit that counts the most – the content. The saying goes “Content is king”, so it’s important to get it right. Encenta can assist you in writing the initial content for your website, as well as carry out weekly/monthly maintenance to ensure your content is always relevant and reaching your targeted audience.

We also take care of the behind the scene essentials, such as; title & description meta tags, quality/relevant backlinking to your website, search engine submissions and performance analysis.

Getting the most out of social media

Social Media is a powerful and effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to engage with subscribers/followers of your business through a familiar platform, both instantly and in most cases for free.

Effective use of Social Media can benefit your online presence in many ways. Frequent use and relevant content will naturally increase your fan base through interaction, such as; post likes, comments, sharing, etc. It can also be used to navigate your followers to targeted pages on your website, which will in effect aid its position in search engine results.

To discuss how Encenta can get your business discovered online, call us on 01342 420 035, email or click here to visit our contact page.