85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses

85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses

7 April, 2014 by Ben in News

Surveys in recent years have shown that the internet is becoming an increasingly popular tool for consumers to find local businesses. It is said that 85% of consumers (an increase of 15% from previous years) now search for local businesses online, as apposed using more conventional methods in the past such as: printed directories, newspaper listings and telephone directories.

This hardly comes surprising when you consider all the benefits the internet offers to consumers looking for businesses. Online business directories and comparison websites allow consumers to write reviews and rate their experience with almost any industry, including: bars/restaurants, traders, hotels, health & fitness, finance and more. It’s also possible to view examples of products or services received by fellow consumers with photo galleries, which give a clearer insight to what a business is offering. It’s resources like these that give consumers more reason to search for local business online. In fact a study revealed that 72% of consumers trust online reviews a much as personal recommendations.

It’s not just review and comparison websites that contribute to such a high percentage of online business searches. Websites were once considered a luxury or novelty to small/medium sized businesses, or perhaps even an unjustifiable expense. But with so many options available it’s never been easier to get your businesses, company or organisation online. A website can showcase your products and services without limit to content, unlike printed advertising which is limited by your budget and available space. Your website can contain detailed information about the service(s) you or your business offer, your individual or business background and even examples of your best work or products. If done right, the appearance and content of your website could be what sells your business and converts consumers into customers.

Is your business being found online by consumers?

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