The benefits of a Content Management System

The benefits of a Content Management System

At Encenta, we’re often approached with requirements such as “I need a website I can edit myself”. There are many reasons and benefits for having an editable website. For many business owners, a news feed or blog is the best way to engage with users and keep them up to date with the day-to-day events within a business and this can be accomplished with a Content Management System (often referred to as a CMS). However there are additional benefits to having a Content Management System that may not seem immediately obvious.

Search Engine Optimisation

It’s no secret that Google prefers websites which are active and contain fresh content. There’s nothing worse than navigating your way to a website that hasn’t been touched in the last eight years. Fresh information is likely to be more relevant to the user than stale content and Google is aware of this placing a higher ranking on websites which are updated regularly. With Encenta’s CMS solutions, updating your website is a breeze. We primarily use the award winning WordPress platform as our Content Management System of choice. WordPress is used by almost a quarter of the top 10 million websites and it’s easy to see why with it’s user-friendly interface and huge range of SEO features.

Social Media Integration

Using a Content Management System, you can reach additional audiences with various social media plugins. With plugins available for the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more, your post can be automatically uploaded to social networks at the click of a button.

Dynamic Website Features

With Content Management Systems (particularly WordPress) comes a huge selection of plugins including off the shelf products and bespoke plugins – such as those developed by Encenta. From membership systems, galleries and shopping cart systems, there really is no limit to what your website can achieve with a Content Management System

Is your website performing?

Is your website performing?

The performance of your website holds the key to many aspects of its purpose and success, for example – a more efficient and faster loading website will keep your visitors engaged and reduce the chance of them leaving through unnecessary waiting.

At Encenta we specialise in website performance optimisation and HTML5/CSS3 validation. We use industry recognised tools to produce full reports of a website’s performance and usability, including; initial load time, repeat load time, content caching and image compression.

Speed matters

For a website to succeed it’s important that it delivers, fast! The speed of a website can determine its success in many factors, the most important of which being;

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

A website can have the best SEO and content, but if it can’t be read quickly and efficiently by search engines it could all be for nothing. A page load time of over 2 seconds could significantly affect the outcome of a site crawl and how it’s positioned in search engine results.

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While it’s important for a website to be attractive and accessible, it’s also essential that it stores confidence in its visitors. A slow and sluggish website could fail to keep a consumer engaged, especially those exchanging personal information or payment details.

Time for a tune-up

If your website is under performing or slipping down in the search engines, it could be time for a tune-up. Encenta can reduce initial and repeat load times on your website, as well as tweak behind the scenes to achieve better performance and organic SEO results.

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